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Global Community

Over the course of many years, Dr. Rasmussen spends about two to three months annually traveling overseas, fundraising and increasing awareness for painted dogs through presentations to zoos, conservation organizations, universities, local governments and community organizations. This has resulted in building strong international relationships and partnerships to support the conservation of painted dogs. This global  community not only provides funding, needed equipment and resources but also provides valuable expertise and services that are not readily available to a non-governmental organization. Without this international support, PDRT would not be able to achieve meaningful conservation for painted dogs.

Painted Dog Research Trust enjoys a number of global science partnerships, including:

  • Columbus Zoo (Columbus, Ohio, US)

  • Disney Animal Kingdom (Orlando, Florida, US)

  • Endangered Wolf Center (Eureka, Missouri, US)

  • Living Desert Zoo (Palm Springs, California, US)

  • Los Angeles Zoo (Los Angeles, California, US)

  • Niabi Zoo (Coal Valley, Illinois, US)

  • Oklahoma City Zoo (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US)

  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park (Doncaster, England, UK)

  • Department of Biological Sciences, University of Zimbabwe    

  • Natural History Museum Zimbabwe    

  • Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WILDCRU), University of Oxford    

Dr. Rasmussen travels to multiple universities and 70 zoos worldwide to build and strengthen working relationships and garner support for PDRT's field work. Review the list of zoos that has supported PDRT's efforts. 

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