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We give particular attention to monitoring those painted dog packs that are most vulnerable and where possible, take action to reduce mortalities attributable to anthropogenic causes such as cars, snares and shooting by ranchers. This entails being in the field and living in a vehicle for weeks at a time whilst we follow packs and collect data such as: disease (from blood, skin and faecal samples), hunting success, daily movements and predator/prey interactions. An identity file is made for each individual dog.

Problems for dog populations are identified and solutions are formulated based on the work done in our field research. For example, we have identified blind spots where “Painted Dog - Slow Down” signs should be placed to help decrease the senseless death of painted dogs caused by careless and speeding drivers, and then we erected and posted them. We also designed and produced anti-snare collars and retroreflective coloured collars picked up by car headlights, saving dogs from collateral death by snares and road accidents.

We also collaborate with government ministries, local councils and planning development communities to try and introduce protections for the dogs and their habitat.

Read more about our conservation projects as well as the threats and challenges facing painted dogs.

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