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PDRT promotes involvement in conserving nature and determining best practices for coexisting with it. We focus on understanding and influencing cultural norms for better ecological principles through sharing knowledge, and physical examples of conservation practice, rainwater harvesting, habitat reclamation, and environmentally-conscious building techniques. PDRT educates through a holistic approach that encompasses all stakeholders in a particular area, including farmers, school children and local communities. Working under the belief that people will conserve what they love, Dr. Greg and PDRT conservation educator, Zulu, frequently travels to villages and ranching areas around Zimbabwe to raise awareness of the painted dog.


We provide training, mentoring, field work opportunities and financial support to Zimbabwean graduate students, as well as rangers, field biologists, and teachers who wish to contribute to the protection of Zimbabwe's wildlife. PDRT is a hub for people who want to get immersed in the field. At Sizinda, we are helping to build a critical mass of conservationists and support members while focusing on area-based conservation, ensuring everyone benefits from our efforts. We hope to inspire a new generation of passionate, motivated and field-competent conservation biologists.

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We work with schools of all levels by teaching children about the values of wildlife research and conservation, the natural world, and of course painted dogs. Through hands on activities and experiential learning, these conservation clubs are making a significant impact in community schools in creating more environmentally aware children that will grow in to conservation supportive adults. These programs have a lasting impact. In fact, one current trainee at PDRT first chose to study conservation after Dr. Rasmussen came into her classroom many years ago dressed as a painted dog!


Our conservation centre in Sizinda provides a four-day total immersion ecological experience for school age boys and girls.  With our Bush Camp permanent accommodations, up to 40 children with escorts can engage and participate in the exciting adventures in and around our conservation and ecology centre which includes a dining and kitchen facility, a hillside multi-use building for a variety of activities, a nature trail, and an exciting zip-line through the tree canopy.

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Will you help support our conservation education efforts?

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